Army of Angels

Once we were born of the same family
Breathed the same air, warmed by the sun
Food on the table was all but divided
Fighting was never as fair as our love

We stayed in the valley, you moved to the mountains
Found a new way of viewing the world
After a while we saw only differences
Forgetting to see we’re all still the same

Army of angels, fly down and fight
Use shock and awe, make us see eye to eye
Love only knows it can pull us together
Just like it pushed us apart
When you had children, you told them a story
A man in the mountains created the world
He lives far above the snakes in the valley
Children look down on their neighbours with fear

We hurt one another and injure ourselves
Speaking in codes, trading in fear
Teaching the world is all a conspiracy
Learning to see the truth as a lie


Compass Rose

Give me your loving, all of your loving
Give me your kisses, all your sweet kisses
Tell me a secret, open the treasure
Is it true? Maybe it's you

After the dark night follow the bright light
Out of the gold mine into the sunshine
Searching for something I can believe in
Is it true? Maybe it's you

Now that the leaves have covered the footprints
After the wind has scattered the ashes
Blown away the maps, broken the compass
Is it true? Maybe it's you



There's an elephant in the room, it's taken all the oxygen
No matter how hard you push, no matter how hard you try
You can’t get it out, get it out
You can’t get it out

It’s written on your face; it’s looking us in the eye
No matter where you turn, no matter how hard you try
You can’t shut it out, shut it out
You can’t shut it out

The more you raise your voice; the harder you try to laugh
You’ll never break the ice, till all there’s left to share
Is the silence, the silence, the silence, the silence
The silence, the silence, the silence, the silence
The silence


End of the Day

Perhaps you’d like to hear that she’s the sunrise
But you’ve got to understand my lady is the fall

My love’s the end of the day
I turn to her as the light fades away
Blindly we move in the dark
When all’s said and done she’s all that counts

Would you like me to say we met on a summer’s day?
We were slipping in the snow and we were drunk; it’s the British way

I could tell you a lie: our dreams touch the sky
Well I’m sorry, but I know they’re on the pillow where she lies


Mister Magpie

Sunday morning streets so quiet, except the sound of maybe
The sky is clear, the air is keen; a blank canvas waits
For a streak of black and white that shifts the scene to grey
Good day to you mister magpie sir; I can’t take sorrow today

Good day to you and how’s your wife and where are all your friends?
I’ve been alone at times in life; I can’t take that again
I know myself too well and I need company instead
Good day to you mister magpie sir; I can’t take sorrow today

I don’t need joy, I’ve got a girl; I’m not ready for a child
Keep your silver, trade your gold; the things I steal don’t shine
I’ve got more secrets than I can keep, I crave a quiet life
Good day to you mister magpie sir, I can’t take sorrow today

I walk the streets we know so well; the map of my emotions
I turn the corner wondering if colour will return
Lately things don’t seem the same; I’m just a fool of fate
Good day to you mister magpie sir, I can’t take sorrow today


Morning Light

Evening falls and brings a smile; you’ll be coming home in a while
This tired town is winding down; soon we’ll light it up in style

Morning light, morning light
I want to see you in the morning light

Take the shackles off of your ankles; swing your knees, free your hips yeah
I want to see your arms in the air, shaking around like you really don’t care

This is the life, yeah this is the life
This energy’s gonna last all night
I feel so good, I feel so alive
Good to lie down here with you for a while

Here’s the morning bringing a light that slowly lingers
So I can see you clearly and talk to you sincerely



A monsoon in Bradford turned streets into streams and washed away
Turd from the cobbles and pages of ink from yesterday

A friend out in China climbed up an iceberg in the south
And high on the mountain, a tropical winter’s all around

He fell from the surface eight thousand miles of world away
No matter where you fall from, dust settles to the ground always

It’s sticky in Soho where strip bars and TV studios
Turn up the air con; it’s cool and it’s sexy don’t you know

The salesmen hit target; it’s business as usual tonight
Six pages of adverts, six pints of lager clear and bright

I spoke to my loved one; I called her up several times that day
We opened the roses and weathered the storms that break the day


The Real World

If you’re growing up slow, stuck in a dream
You try to hold on till you know what it means
But the road is too long for your favourite shoes
Arriving too late, leaving too soon

Is this the real world? Tell me true
Or are we just angels watching over you

If you peer into a microscope down a tiny well
You’ll see life escaping through the walls of a cell
Faces are changing like clouds in the sky
But I saw the truth; it was there in your eye

If you read a story reflecting the past
You’re deep in the darkness, no oil in the lamp
You can follow the headlines changing in time
The real world is coming; it just passed you by


She Told You So

Look in her eyes; you can see she’s been here before
The way that the waves disappear as she walks on the shore

The future’s a mystery; secrets are hidden from us
Nothing is certain until we return to the source

The sea comes to cover her feet; she holds up her hair
Stars reappear in the sky, she’s always been there

Sometimes the world makes you feel you can never be sure
When you’re surprised she’ll just smile; she told you so

Ayah, helele ma


The Valley

Seasons pass and every day trains to the city
Rush on by while we stay in the valley

Once we went down to London to see what we were missing
We turned straight back at King’s Cross, to our homeland

Clouds roll on and on; years melt into one

Every move everyone sees; no privacy here
There’s no crowd where we can hide, in open spaces

In that barn over the way a son killed his father
Such a close community in the valley


Wild Fire

There’s nothing to do on a rainy day if you sit and watch the time drain away
The sky’s flat and grey again; whoever said the weather is a mirror?
There’s a wild fire burning everything inside

So come on my love take my hand, let’s go for a walk across the fenland
Our boots and our winter coats won’t stop us from getting soaked to the bone
There’s a silent fever raging behind these eyes

Nothing’s gonna stop the burning, never gonna stop the yearning

The wind spins around our heads, the ground is soft; there’s nothing to rely on
The air is clear but I’m out of breath; I can’t get enough oxygen
And there’s a wild fire burning everything inside







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